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​Beach Cleaning and Lamp Making at Shinojima


We recently ran an art and nature workshop with Yuudai Yamamoto and Meitetsu Second School in Shinojima island. We explored how we can explore different aspects of nature through art, to consider materials and our surroundings in art and in everyday life.

As Shinojima is a small island and in like many parts of Japan proximity to the sea is always a big part of life. We started by exploring the local beach, for potential materials and to learn about what is and shouldn't be there and remove the waste! We believe it is important for kids and their parents not only to be aware of but actually look at the state of the sea. The kids were interested in many of unknown objects from shells, bones and of course plastics from toys to the unidentifiable, all washing up on the beach, and it was amazing to see how much they were willing to engage with the cleaning process! Cleaning became an exciting adventure and discovery!

After the beach cleaning, everyone created their own lampstand with the organic materials. The final outcomes were all different and certainly, there was a whole new excitement when we switched on the light.  We hope to continue workshops like this and thank you so much for all the support and all who came and participated.






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