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Nest (2019)


moss, grass, soil

How do we define home, the physical architecture and the phycological experience? Why do we crave the need for home or a place we define as home? Sharing a location with other species, in-particular birds, something most of us do daily, though we take little notice of it, questions the concept of home and its meaning especially within species who migrate.

For a bird a nest is a temporary home for one purpose, to raise their young. They will spend intricate hours building the nest and then simply
leave it, this suggests a nomadic existence similar to how our hunter-gather ancestors may have lived. In a society where we spend most of our lives in one location do we still feel the innate need to move and travel as many other species do? A sleeping bag is surely the modern-day representation of a nomadic lifestyle. This work, therefore, aims to combine the building nature of birds with the contemporary human form, creating a sleeping bag that becomes a nest constructed from the environment around us. In addition to this, the sleeping bag has the potential to continue a life of its own, it can grow and provide a home for other species such as insects or worms.

[Artist in Residence] Kulturbahnhof, Klein Warnow, Germany (2019 June)




[アーティスト・イン・レジデンス] Kulturbahnhof, Klein Warnow, ドイツ(2019年6月)

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