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Excavation (2020)



Inspired by aspects of classical sculpture, this work attempts to explore the process of discovery and preservation.

Mimicking the archaeological process of excavation to reveal a hidden nature within the rectangular form, thus subverting this process, exposes a casted moment, a fragment of place, a fragmented nature. Evoking buildings or ruins ‘Excavation’ alludes to a possible dystopian, post-human narrative, of nature reclaiming our built constructions. Nature is constantly intertwined with our lives, though the boundary between the two is not always so clear and we feel distanced and disjointed from what we perceive as natural. To look closer is to challenge this feeling, taking the time to perform such a simple act can dramatically alter your perspective of the natural world around you and your place within it. Excavation is to dig, but this does not always mean physically, mentally digging through our senses and experiences can expose the connections in nature that define us and allow us to see them more clearly.



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