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Can you see all that there is to see…? The unnoticed landscape (2020)


found organic material, clay, plaster, research data/documents

The ability to notice the fauna and flora around you is something that is being lost in an urban society despite the existence of much natural diversity in our cities. By exploring our local area we are attempting to uncover the natural landscape that often remains hidden within the urban sprawl of the city. We are mapping our experiences through sculpture to expand our perspective and understanding of the natural world and how nature and wildlife interact with the cityscape.

Research documents provided by Setagaya Trust & Community design / Wild Bird Volunteers
[Group Exhibition] RE: ISSUE We Broke It To Learn How To Fix It

| Oped Space, Kokubunji, Tokyo, Japan (2020 Jan)




[グループ展]RE: ISSUE We Broke It To Learn How To Fix It | Oped Space、 国分寺、 東京(2020年1月)

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