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Ginkgo (2022)


unfired clay, wood, soil, paper, takuhon ink

A once large family of plants, only one species of ginkgo remains and has possibly remained unchanged for 150 million years. The story of ginkgo captures much of life on earth and humans now have a close connection with this tree shepherding it into the future.

[Group Show] Nagoya Culture Fund Project Fan De Nagoya Art Exhibition 2023

‘Towards the Symbiocene’ | Nagoya Citizens’ Gallery Yada, Nagoya, Aichi, Japan (2023 Jan)


[グループ展]名古屋市文化基金事業 ファン・デ・ナゴヤ美術展2023

「共生新世へむけて」| 市民ギャラリー矢田、名古屋、 愛知(2023年1月)

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